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More Group Dive Travel Earnings
for Real Sea Fans

Dive shops earn $900 or more extra on all future group trips to any Clearly Cayman Dive Resort, or East Bay Resort, South Caicos. Book directly with us or through your favorite dive travel planner.



Benefits of Reef Rewards

  • Reduce trip cost
  • Help pay for staff travel
  • Increase the overall profitability of your dive travel program



How it Works

  • Register for Reef Rewards. Include your dive travel agency information if you use one, so they can help you keep track of and use your rewards.
  • Book your group of 10 or more on a standard dive package of 7 nights or longer to any Clearly Cayman Dive Resort or East Bay Resort, South Caicos. Our comp policy is 9 paid/1 free.
  • Include your Reef Rewards membership number with every dive group reservation to ensure proper credit.
  • After completion of the group’s travel, we will credit your account with $100 per paid diver. You have 13 months to book and use them on another group trip of 10 or more to any Clearly Cayman Dive Resort or East Bay Resort, South Caicos.


  1. You book a group of 20 guests to a resort – 17 of these are divers. Because you receive 2 comp diver spaces (1 free/9 paid), the net result is that you have 15 paid divers.
  2. At the end of this trip, we will credit you with 17 x $100 or $1,700 in Reef Rewards toward your next trip
  3. You book your next group of 10 or more with us for travel within 13 months – no deposit needed because we first apply the $1,700 in Reef Rewards to your account. Your final payment to us will be your net rate less this amount.

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